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"XMGNSS" Act for Love
While improving the quality of operation, Xiamen GNSS Development persists in repaying society with concrete actions. It earnestly fulfills product, social and environmental responsibilities, and strives for the unity of the company's economic benefits and social good.
Technology Warms the Heart
  • Intelligent Anti-epidemic
    After the outbreak of the epidemic, the company promptly launched the "Big Data Analysis and Application Platform for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Urban Traffic" and the "Epidemic Supervision and Service Platform for Fishing Vessels and Ports". By matching with the data of the National Health Commission, the company helps with precise prevention and control and builds a solid safety barrier for the people.
  • Ensure Transportation Safety
    The company independently developed a video and image recognition platform based on artificial intelligence that can be applied to the safety management of operating vehicles such as buses, taxis, online car-hailing, tourists' chartered vehicles, vehicles carrying dangerous substances, and dump trucks. It has real-time monitoring, track playback, early warning against abnormalities, and other functions, ensuring the safety of vehicles and public travel.
  • Data Security and Control
    The preservation, access, encapsulation and backup of the source code are included in the whole process management, and the important information in the application deployment process is encrypted, authorized, verified, and controlled through monthly spot checks. A strict authority control mechanism is formulated to guarantee the security of the database.
  • Disaster Relief
    Based on BeiDou positioning and special short message functions, the company provides reliable communications for earthquake relief. In the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the company helped the Fujian Blue Sky Rescue Team to quickly retrieve the emergency resources around the alarm site and ensure smooth rescue.
Green, Low-carbon and Sustainable Development
  • Improve City Environment
    Dump trucks are monitored against overload, drop, spill, leakage, and other violations, with an identification accuracy of 93%. Violations have been reduced by more than 90% and a clean and tidy city has been maintained.
  • Traffic Congestion Control
    Through the technology of traffic big data analysis and application, the traffic speed during holiday rush hours will be increased by more than 20% to help control urban traffic congestion in hot spots.
  • Voluntary Tree-planting
    In response to the call of the Information Group, the leaders of the company volunteer in tree-planting activities, and carry forward the new fashion of planting trees, protecting and loving the environment with concrete actions.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection
    Emphasize the protection of patent rights, copyrights, and trademarks, establish a unified core intellectual property rights database, fully safeguard self-owned intellectual property rights, and create an atmosphere of respect for knowledge, fair competition, integrity, and law compliance.
  • Green Management
    Integrate energy conservation and environmental protection into enterprise operation and management. Improve publicity and education, and make energy reduction and environmental protection a conscious behavior of all staff.
Social Return
  • Contribute to Poverty Alleviation
    Actively carry out practical exploration of trans-regional poverty alleviation cooperation. All the staff purchased agricultural and sideline products from Linxia, Gansu Province, a once-impoverished area under designated support, to help winning the battle against poverty. Provide an intelligent bus management system for the area to improve the local public travel environment.
  • Voluntary Services for Epidemic Prevention and Control
    Participated in the development of the first mask reservation system in China, Xiamen mask reservation and registration service system. Organized Party members and workers to participate in community epidemic prevention and control in the park, package masks for sale, and volunteer at designated hotels for medical observation. In 2020, 246 people participated in voluntary services for epidemic prevention and control.
  • Help the Vulnerable
    Carried out pairing assistance activities. Leading cadres took the lead in visiting the poor and offering condolence money, living materials, and "love card". Organized caring activities for the disabled.
  • Participate in Promoting Civilized Behaviors
    Help promoting urban civilization and beautify the environment by organizing volunteer services for campus safety, cleaning the community, and advocating civilized behaviors.
  • Science Popularization in the Public Interest
    The BeiDou Information Exhibition Hall has been open to the public, including primary and secondary school students. Introduced for free the applications of BeiDou technology in bus, taxi, passenger and freight carriers, public security, marine, law enforcement, and other daily scenarios.
People-oriented, to Create a Safe and Healthy Enterprise Environment
  • Production Safety
    Carried out safety inspections regularly. Resumed work and production, monitored employees' health, coordinated mask distribution, and conducted regular disinfection to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for employees.
  • Education & Training
    In 2020, 48 training sessions were organized, and relevant knowledge was provided through purchased online courses, so as to achieve common progress of the enterprise and employees.
  • Cultural Activities
    Care for the employees. Enhance employees' sense of identity and belonging and build a harmonious environment within the enterprise via various staff activities such as basketball competitions, first aid training, sports meeting, and a variety of competitions on product development skills.
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