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It's a comprehensive platform based on data life-cycle control and service, focusing on the 7 links from data collection to visual display. The integration of quantitative, customized, intensive, and graphical elements clearly shows how data is processed after entering the resource center and the result of each phase and data flow. By providing software and hardware system, real-time acquisition, and monitoring of the equipment parameters, it makes data resource center suitable for most of the data center and the information system of management. For managers, it eliminates the redundant troubleshooting process for operation and maintenance, and enables a direct solution to the core problem. Meanwhile, the product also allows users to search data based on application interface, and provides functions such as full-text retrieval and visualization system, etc. The "what you see is what you get" method is adopted to solve the depth needs of the user's business system, and the required data application can be customized by minimalist operation.
  • Data convergence
    Supporting multi-department, multi-source, multi-format, and multi-component data convergence.
  • Data sharing
    Cross-department, cross-network, cross-platform data sharing, and data security supervision.
  • Data processing
    Intelligent and efficient mass data processing, query, analysis, and monitoring.
  • Data analysis
    Visualized data display, self-help thematic display, and map visualization analysis.
  • Intelligent Transportation Network Center in Tongling City, Anhui Province (Phase 2)
  • Intelligent Transportation Information Platform for Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
  • Urban Bus Operation and Supervision Service Information System for Guilin City, Guangxi Province
  • Intelligent Transportation Control Platform in Longyan City, Fujian Province
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Products and Solutions