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In comprehensive logistics parks with a large number of operations by people, logistics, traffic flow and related facilities and equipment, it is necessary to conduct precise docking and connection operations of goods, vehicles, supporting facilities and equipment, and people flow for rapid command and dispatch, efficient use of various resources, and effective supervision of the overall operation. For requirements that cannot be met by existing vehicle positioning products, BeiDou high precision positioning system provides sub-meter positioning based on BeiDou CORS GBAS and supports vehicle management requirements for different business scenarios, including but not limited to sanitation operations, reticulation patrol, shuttle management, and intelligent road cone.
  • High precision positioning
    Real-time, around-the-clock centimeter-level static positioning/decimeter-level dynamic positioning.
  • Deep integration of industry applications
    Meet the needs of users in the fields of autonomous driving, land mapping, precision agriculture, and other high-precision services.
  • Refined management
    Provide refined management scheme relying on high precision positioning technology for better road traffic safety.
  • Healthy development of the industry promoted by reducing costs and increasing efficiency
    Save manpower, material resources, and management costs to promote the benign, healthy, and long-term development of the industry.
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