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Land and Sea TransportationBeidou + Satellite Internet
Adopting the model of "cloud platform +SaaS service" based on open-source Websites products, we reconstruct lightweight processing of back-end GIS data and front-end 2D and 3D rendering mechanisms through independent R&D. Abstract and complex spatial data is transformed into rich visual expressions and a map of digital cities has been built. We provide comprehensive processing, analysis, display, and spatial decision support of geographic data, which offers convenient, fast, multi-functional, interactive 2D-3D integration Web applications for the government, enterprises, and the public.
  • Online/offline map support
    Supporting online/offline use of maps to meet the needs of users on internal and external networks.
  • Generic/individualized map demand support
    "Cloud platform +SaaS service" mode can not only meet the needs of generic maps, but also support individual needs.
  • Rich mapping tools/interfaces
    Rich mapping tools/interfaces can satisfy the customized creation of 2D and 3D maps. All kinds of map interface can be deployed in the secondary development of the map.
  • Multiple map analysis services
    Supporting a variety of map analysis services to meet different application scenarios
  • Spatial data sharing services
    Providing rich vector and image data and 3D models, etc.
  • "Smart Environmental Protection" Cloud Platform in Lishui District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
  • Smart Port and Shipping Supervision Platform in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province
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Products and Solutions
Land and Sea Transportation
Beidou + Satellite Internet
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Products and Solutions