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The company has been serving the taxi industry since 2001 and has evolved over the past 20 years into software products and integrated solutions covering government regulation, enterprise applications and public services. We are committed to: helping the competent authorities realize the whole process of pre-, interim- and post-supervision towards cruise cars and online hailing cars dual industry integration; helping enterprises realize the whole life cycle intelligent management of vehicles and drivers; and providing the public with intelligent taxi calling and convenient travel services. Improve industry supervision of the competent departments through information, digital and intelligent management means, help taxi companies improve the efficiency of operation and management, improve the service quality of taxi drivers, enhance the public's intelligent travel experience, and help improve the quality of urban traffic travel. At present, our taxi information products have covered nearly 40 cities in 15 provinces (including Macao)!
  • Integrated management of dual business formats
    Unified management integrating cruise + online hailing and pre-, interim- and post-process control.
  • Ensure driving safety with intelligence
    ADAS+DSM technology reduces dangerous driving behaviors and guarantee safe ride environment.
  • Smart supervision and services
    Application of new technology; real-time cloud monitoring; Full closed-loop ecological chain of intelligent supervision service.
  • Diversified green travel
    Application of Alternative fuel vehicles to reduce environmental pollution. Explore more application scenarios like taxi calling and taxi sharing for efficient use of resources. Improve regional transport capacity and service efficiency through technology.
Product Family
Government Regulation Enterprise Application Public Service Other Derivative Products
  • Taxi Industry Supervision Platform in Xiamen, Fujian Province
  • Taxi Calling and Cruising Taxi Management System in Macao
  • Smart Taxi Supervision Service Platform in Changchun, Jilin Province
  • Integrated Taxi Service Supervision Platform in Kunming, Yunnan Province
  • Intelligent Taxi System in Urban Leshan, Sichuan Province
  • Taxi/Shared (Electric) Bike Supervision Platform in Wuzhou, Guangxi Province
Government Regulation
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Other Derivative Products
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Products and Solutions
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