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BeiDou Smart Marine Cloud Platform is based on the architecture of "1+2+6" (1 Map, 2 Centers, 6 Applications) for intelligent marine product system construction including marine economy, fishery boats and ports, disaster prevention and mitigation, fishery supervision, administrative law enforcement, and intelligent coastal defense. It provides planning consultation, software development, system integration, data analysis, and operation services in the field of “Smart Marine” to the government, enterprises, and the public to enhance their capabilities in marine management and development. It also promotes the diversification of services for enterprises and the public.
  • Automated safety supervision of fishing vessels and ports
    Supervise fishing ports and fishing vessels, improve the efficiency of maritime rescue, and ensure the safety of maritime operations.
  • Services for high-quality development of the marine economy
    Monitor the operation of marine economy and serve its high-quality development.
  • Promote green fishery development with science and technology
    Unmanned farming of marine ranches and traceable aquatic products to promote green fishery.
Product Family
Government Regulation Enterprise Application
  • Line Crossing Warning System for Small Fishing Vessels in Xiamen, Fujian Province
  • Dynamic Management and Control System for Sea-going Personnel of Frontier Ports in Shandong Province
  • Fishing Vessel Communication Navigation and Safety Equipment and Harbor Dynamic Management Platform in Xiamen, Fujian Province
  • Smart Marine Integrated Information Service Platform in Xiamen, Fujian Province
Government Regulation
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Land and Sea Transportation
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